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David Weil AKA Ghost Rapist and Convicted Fraudster


BLOCKS DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization registered in Wyoming.  The DAO was founded by Brian Foote, Jeffrey Hinshaw, Calvin Weight and Adam Wolfe of HUMBL, a publicly-traded penny stock (HMBL) that has lost more than 95% of its market cap since reverse-merging with Tesoro Enterprises in February 2021. Many allege HUMBL to be an insider-enrichment scam and BLOCKS DAO may be no different.


The DAO is currently directed by a convicted felon called David Weil, AKA "Ghost," who describes his role within the organization as steering the DAO away from the SEC and guiding it towards "full decentralization."

So why does a 60 year old man use the pseudonym Ghost you might ask?

Here's what we know:

David Weil was convicted of federal bank fraud and rape of a minor in 1996

David has been barred by the SEC from dealing in securities and appears to have moved on to scheming in the unregulated crypto space

In 2019 David Weil and his partner Warren Lorenz were involved in an alleged ICO scam called Substratum

It has been reported by an anonymous whistleblower that Weil and Lorenz's company TechMeetsTrader may have been milking the DAO for upwards of 100k per month for 'services,' as well as awarding themselves millions in BLOCKS Tokens, of which they seem to admittedly manipulate.

*The whistleblower's claims have not been verified by the authors of this website, however, the DAO members are encouraged to request financials, as the basic tenets of a decentralized autonomous organization include complete transparency

Notable Quotes from Source Materials:

"Star Capital Management dealt with millions of dollars earned by the Elite models. The company quickly caught the eye of federal officials, who later accused Weil and his business partner of stealing at least $ 1.2 million from their customers. In 1998, Weil pleaded guilty to federal fraud charges. He also pleaded guilty to the statutory rape of a 15-year-old model he met at Look of the Year in 1992."

"Mr. Weil is a liar, a cheat, a morally indecent man whose punishment could never be extensive enough to fit the many crimes he has committed against his former clients"

"New York State Attorney General Dennis Vacco, who launched the investigation into Star Capital, said Weil boasted about having sex with the teenager, who has been given an order of protection that bars Weil from contacting her. 'Mr. Weil had assured this girl's unsuspecting parents that their daughter would be in good hands with him,' Vacco said. 'Of course, we have since learned that he sexually exploited their daughter and fleeced her out of a significant portion of her savings as well,' the attorney general added.


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